Apply the elements under the standard currents, temperature range, and other capacities. In case the applications are over the capacity and/or are wrong, we do not take the resposibility. When those are used under special environments, for example as below, those might affect on the performance. We recommend you to thoroughly check the performance and reliability.

  1. Application in liquid such as water, oil, chemical solution, organic solvent.
  2. Application directly exposed sunlight, outside atmosphere, and dust.
  3. Application under high-temperature and -humidity, salt air, corrosive gas.
  4. Application under strong static electricity, surge current, noise, and electromagnetic wave.
  5. Application near flammable materials.
  6. Application directly adhering to an object with resin, sealed with resin, and coated with resin. In those cases, due to bond penetration and different ratios of heat expansion, the characteristics?and products can be damaged.
  7. In case that wash-free solder is used and/or water or a water-soluble detergent is used for flux?cleaning.
  8. Application under the dew condensation environment.

CRZ elements should be stored and used only in dry environment.

CRZ elements are resistance temperature detector elements for industrial use. Do not use the elements as heaters by applying electric current.

The actual resistance values printed on small bags are measured at the point of 3mm from the end of Ni lead wires. If the lead wires were shortened and/ or spot welded at points closer to the body,?the resistance values would be detected lower than the printed values. The resistance value of Ni lead?wires: 0.0018 omhs/mm.

Do not put strong impact and/or stress on the elements and lead wires. The protection layer and the body can be cracked, and the lead wires and the reinforcement at the base of lead wires can be damaged.?Do not bend and twist lead wires especially at the point of connection with substrate.

Pay attention in order not to expose over the capacity range of temperature in case of connecting lead wires and extension lead wires by silver brazing or somehow like that.

In order to keep CRZ elements from physical and chemical damages and dew condensation, we?recommend the construction of probes as below.
First, to use well-cleaned protection tubes such as stainless steel to keep long life and durability.
Second, to fill Magnesium Oxide(MgO) powder in protection tubes for fast response and vibration?resistance.
Third, to seal the end of the protection tubes by epoxy adhesive to prevent moisture and water invasion.?

The elements are supposed to be applied to ordinary electric devices. When you consider applications for devices for atomic energy, space development, and medical purposes that speical quality and?responsibility are required, we request to have our consult in advance.

We might change a part or parts of the contents without a notice due to production improvements.
Please confirm the specification when order and use.

The specification is written on June 2010.

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