Establishment: 1961/8/24 As a manufacturer of measurement instruments and laboratory.
1961 Start selling Erema heating elements and components.
1963 Develop electric furnace for cloisonne ware.
1964 Start supplying instruments related with NC equipment.

Develop an automation area meter for measuring leaf’s dimension receiving request from the government. Patented in the U.S. Canada, France, Germany, England, and Japan.

Start selling electric furnace.


Move the headquarters.

Exhibit the automation area meter to ASA Show(American Society of Agronomy.) Receive good evaluations from the market and start to export to the U.S. market.

1971 Win gold medal when Exhibit the automation area meter to an expo in Moscow. Start exporting the product to Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. The area meter is getting famous in the world.
1975 Develop a light weight and energy saving electric furnace using ceramic fiber. Dramatically expand the sales.
1976 Start producing and selling transpiration and current meters for measuring plant transpiration.
1977 Start selling MI sheath cable, insulated thermocouple wire, and connector of Claud S.Gordon.
1981 Achieve to develop ceramic wire-wound RTD element. Receive good evaluation from domestic and overseas, and establish a ceramic wire-wound RTD element factory.

Contract with U.S. Claud S.Gordon as our ceramic wire-wound RTD element distributor in the U.S.

Start developing a fixed point black body furnace under the government institute.

1983 The second president take over the company.
1985 Move our factory.
1986 Establish a new factory
1990 Achieve to develop platinum thin film RTD element and start selling it. Receive good evaluations from domestic and western exhibitions.
1992-1995 Expand the domestic sales offices.
1997 Establish a new factory.
1998 Acquire ISO9001.
2001 Acquire ISO14001 for our factory.

Awarded from the industrial foundation due to our contribution of technical development for local region.

Received testimonial from the government considering our support for great achievement of HAYABUSA, an asteroid explorer, returning.

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